• New Home Installation

    Professional installation or do-it-yourself.

    If you're building a new home or planning to, ask your builder to include a BEAM Central Vacuum System. You'll want to discuss locations for the power unit/dirt collection canister, the vacuum inlets (where the hose is inserted), and a place to store a hose and attachment kit on each level. Simply enlarging a closet or including an extra base cabinet is all it takes.

    If your builder is familiar with BEAM, he may suggest a VacPan® automatic dustpan in the kitchen, near exterior doors, in family or laundry rooms, or wherever you're planning hard-surface floors.

    Installation of your BEAM system is done after plumbing and electrical work is completed and before wallboard is installed. If your builder is not currently installing BEAM systems, check out our BEAM Distributor Locator feature on this web site to find the dealer nearest you. Your dealer can do the job quickly and competently. Average cost for a complete system, installed, starts at around $1,000.

    Or, you may opt to install your BEAM Central Vacuum system on your own.  Check out the Do-It-Yourself installation page for step-by-step instructions.